Climbing the ladder

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Well I’ve done both my bike baseline FTP test and Run test for the EN plan.  Run wise I was 20:22 for a 5k, and 263 for the bike FTP.

That puts me down about 17% and 12% respectively from what I estimated myself to be at going into IMWI.  My goal for the long run of this 16 weeks is to run a low 17 5k, and a 330+ FTP.  Four months is a long time to focus though – so my intermediate goal is to get back to my pre-IMWI numbers by the next test.

That means about 18:30 for a 5k and 300+- for FTP, that’s a pretty big jump from this past test, but based on previous off-seasons I am a pretty quick rebounder, so if I accomplish that it gives me 3 months to build strength before I start to look at the endurance portion of my engine.

A bit of Friday Humor

Famous last words:

“Aw, come on, it’ll be fun”
Translation: Assuming you survive.