How long can you focus?

Here’s a blog post on Endurance Nation that is highly reccomended.  Key take aways: Break your season into manageable chunks. Don’t expect to be able to focus for a REALLY long time. In November, you aren’t training for a race in September – you’re training to train for that race, or for other fun things […]

Nothing to do in Chicago

This week I am in Chicago for a VMware training for work. I had intended to come down and do some running each day – unfortunately a cold/sinus infection caught up with me not long after getting here. So thus far I have not done much running. The training class itself has been quite insightful […]

Race reports

I added back the portion of my old site for race reports and links so as to not make google to mad. As I fix the links in blogs and else where and set up healthy redirects I’ll banish them again!

I need a black bike

What are you thinking? Are you crazy? Black bikes have souls, lots of them, they sucked all the souls from ugly green, red, blue, and other clolr[sic] bikes. A black bike says don’t f*ck with this guy. It’s like having the worst of Satan and the best of Jesus in one bike. You suck the […]

My Amp goes to 11

I almost feel this is a waste of a supreme title such as this on a post this time of year, but it is appropriate.  This is also a blatant rip off from Jeff Keils Blog.  Anyways. Yesterday I mentioned a movie reminded me of the need for proper planning.  Every season I have attempted […]

Into the Wild

This past weekend I watched the movie Into the Wild.  It is based on the true story of a young man who graduates from college and then goes on a two year odyssey across the USA, culminating in Alaska.  It’s actually a pretty powerful story, showing what a person is able to accomplish with focus […]

Apologize in advance

Later today, or tomorrow at the latest I am going to be updating the appearance of my site, part of which includes a change/upgrade to the blog engine.  I have no idea how this will affect the RSS feed and google reader’s archive of it – so I apologize in advance. Also for the time […]