Thoughts for next season

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Lots of thoughts are rolling through my head for next season.  What races to do?  How fast do I want to try and go?  Will my motivation pick up to full strength next year?

So far I’m looking for these races:

For sure Races

  • Jhawk Early Bird
  • American Triple T
  • Steelhead Half or Racine
  • Pleasant Prairie
  • Ironman Wisconsin


  • Lake Mills
  • Wisconsin Triterium
  • High Cliff Sprint or Half
  • Ironman Florida

I have a very strong itch to do two Ironman races again next year, and Florida seems like a nice one to try.  Still a chance to sign up this year, won’t impact my ability to try to go fast at IMWI, and is a nice distance after IMWI to allow a solid recovery and rebuild.

How fast?

Ummm – fast.  I went a 9:46 this year and missed Kona; insane.  Prior to this year only 3 people in M25-29 had gone faster then me in Madison – ever.  This year 4 people beat me.  Did I mention insane?  I’m going to spend a lot of time working on the bike next year – I honestly believe that if I can’t throw down a low 9:30 next year I stand a good chance of missing again – so that’s the minimum.