Thoughts for next season

Lots of thoughts are rolling through my head for next season.  What races to do?  How fast do I want to try and go?  Will my motivation pick up to full strength next year? So far I’m looking for these races: For sure Races Jhawk Early Bird American Triple T Steelhead Half or Racine Pleasant […]

Ironman Wisconsin 2008

I went into this race with two goals in mind Qualify for Hawaii Execute a solid Race I knew that executing was something completely under my control, but I did lose a lot of sleep over my ability to qualify “ mainly because I figured if I couldn’t break 10 ours I didn’t stand a chance. Given […]

Race report and update

I’ve posted my IMWI Race Report. Recovery is going well.  Tonight on the spur of the moment I decided to sign up for a half marathon on September 21st – so that means I have to start doing some running and stuff again tomorrow :/

New PR!

Had a PR today at Ironman Wisconsin.  Went 9:46:01.  32 seconds faster then IMAZ last spring.  What’s impressive is that Wisconsin has a much tougher course IMO. 52/5:26/3:19 + 7 minutes or so for Transition. I finished 30th overall and 5th in my age group.  The preliminary slot breakdown is only 4 slots, but it […]