What I have learned

I’ve learned a lot of things thus far in life.  I can only imagine the knoweldge I’ll have gained over the next 20+ years of life – some of the high points: Slow and Steady does win the race – when you consider a race to be a goal or objective over several years It’s […]

Completely awesome

Matt and I are in Stevens Point for a long training weekend and we found out there is a Sprint triathlon tomorrow.   We are going to do it.  It will be awesome. Then we’ll go ride 4 hours afterwards.

A beginner’s mind

One of my biggest downfalls when it comes to triathlon (and before that swimming) is the expectations I place on myself.  If I look back across all of my athletic career my best performances happened when I expected nothing, and usually when I least expected.  Of course I have had many great performances when I […]