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Boy I’ve been pretty lax about updating my blog.  On top of that I’ve been pretty lax about training.  Well not to lax, but the past couple of months it seems as though I’m unable to string together more then about 10-12 days of solid workouts, then I have 10-12 days of off/on workouts.  It’s made it really difficult to get a good rhythm going, and it feels like I am always battling the "startup" fatigue that you have to push through the first 2-3 weeks after a major rest period.

Why have my workouts being like this?  I chalk it up to life and motivation.  It seems as though this entire season (starting back after IMH) my motivation has either been low, or when my motivation is high life seems to be very demanding – work, household items, etc, etc.  They have all just added up against me.  Nothing I can do about it really.

So where does that leave me?  With 12 weeks of training left, and nowhere near the fitness I had hoped to be at back in February.  I do have faith in myself and my ability to pull it together as best I can and put it out there.

The revised plan is essentially 2 x 6 week cycles of 5 weeks hard, 1 week less hard.  On the spreadsheet my "taper" for IMWI will be only officially 2 weeks – the last week of cycle 2 and race week.  This means that my taper will be shorter then in the past, but it should be OK.  Here’s to hoping life calms down and motivation stays high.

As a side note, you may or may not have noticed that blog #91 is missing.  If you read that blog entry you’ll know that I called out a participant of the Triple T – accusing him of being unsportsmanly, and hoity-toity, I had a discussion with the person I described via phone tag and email.  And I was in the wrong.  I unfairly judged his intentions and motivations with no insight into the whats and whys of the situation.  One of my training partners is a teammate of Kirk, and confirmed what Kirk passed on to me.  In short – he was not being unsportsmanly, not being hoity-toity, but was simply a nice, honest guy, caught in a very bad situation – where he was forced to break rules to follow rules – all in the name of putting food on the table.  How can I hold that against a person? 

I shouldn’t, I know that I would hate to have someone do so about me.  And for that I apologize.

One more side note – I got a dog a while back.  He’s not much a runner, he can run – but he prefers to smell the roses.  So you either end up running REALLY slow, or pulling him a long.  So either way one of us isn’t having fun.  But he’s a great guy and is really well behaved.  Look for him to be cheering for me this weekend at Rockman!  Here’s Jimmy!