(Almost) New and improved

I made a small change to the site last night.  Not much, but it’s pretty cool.  This site now offers an RSS feed that you can subscribe to using your preferred Feed Reader of choice.  Simply add in http://www.cloudsandunicorns.com or http://www.cloudsandunicorns.com/blog/feed/rss/ and get notified whenever there is new content.  I’ll add something similar for the […]

What Zip Code are you in?

Yesterday as I was on the bike trainer for my long ride (yes I rode 5:30 on the trainer, and yes it was a very nice day – more on that later) I came to realize something.  The folks out there that are fast, they are in a completely different Zip Code then I am. […]


Boy I’ve been pretty lax about updating my blog.  On top of that I’ve been pretty lax about training.  Well not to lax, but the past couple of months it seems as though I’m unable to string together more then about 10-12 days of solid workouts, then I have 10-12 days of off/on workouts.  It’s […]