Been a bit since I posted anything to the blog.

Did the triple T this weekend, and it went really well.  I’ll post a detailed race write up in a day or so, but Matt and I finished fourth in the team division – or depending on the way you want to look at it, we won because it was really a race for fourth place.  1, 2 and 3 were pretty much a given going into the race unless somebody had a DNF.

Was interesting to get so much data off my power meter.  After looking at the data it’s appears that by estimating my FTP at 290 watts, I’m undercutting myself a bit.  Based on the fact that I had really strong runs in each of the races, if I do a little reverse engineering on my power numbers from the race, my FTP is likely in the 315 to 330 range (based on recommended TSS ranges for the various distances).

If I feel fresh enough this week I plan to do a 2×20 or similar set on Thursday to verify that number and give me a solid number to use for my pacing at Rockman.

But back to the triple T itself.  In 2006 when I did the race as a solo, I went 5:32 for the half, this year I went 5:15, Matt and I would have likely been a couple minutes faster except I burned a few minutes for a porta potty stop, and to fight with a stone in my shoe.  But an 18 minute improvement is incredible.  2 months after I went that 5:32 I went a 4:28 (with a 1:26 run) at Racine.

Now I don’t expect that I’m capable of going a 4:11 at rockman or Racine, although it’d be pretty damn sweet; I do feel my chances of going under 4:20 are pretty good; assuming I stay healthy, motivated, and execute!

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