Was talking with Mary tonight about bikes and stuff.  Subject drifted to if what bike I’d want if I had the opportunity to get a new one.  I don’t see much difference between frames.  I mean an “entry” level frame isn’t that much slower then a “top end frame”.  I mean Normann’s new bike the Kueen K wasn’t even designed for aerodynamics – stiffness was was the primary concern, as I understand it.  If Normann isn’t to worried…

So in that light, the sexiest bike ever, it’s really to bad Cervelo stopped making them.



To bad I just bought an SRM (well not really).  Maybe R&A cycles will have some 55 cm’s left once I can get a new toy.  If any one out there interested in a 56 cm Cervelo Dual ’06 Frame, let me know 😉

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