Training is going good.  Last week was pretty good, not great, but had a planned hiccup last week that threw Thursday and Friday off, but all’s good.

Saturday was a big swim, 5,250 meters (5×500 @ 7:15 was main set).  Sunday was a 3 hour ride with a 4 mile run.  Averaged ~229 watts (removing 20 minute warmup), run was good 7:30, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20.  Which is really good actually because the route I ran is more or less downhill out, up hill back.

This week is planned to be a bit of a doozy – 6 more weeks of intensity focus before I break, regroup and do some endurance building.

  • Monday
    • AM: Swim – 4,550 SCM (7×500 done different ways)
    • PM: Run – 45-60 minutes EZ
  • Tuesday
    • AM: Swim – 1 hour, IM work; followed by short run
    • PM: 80-90 minute ride (Time Trialpaolooza DVD)
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Run – 1 hour, insert 3×1 mile hard on 45 second rest – or something along those lines.  Goal is to see how hard is my goal Half Marathon pace
    • PM: EZ, EZ recovery ride.  60-75 minutes at ez
  • Thursday
    • AM: Swim – 1 hour, quality – 200’s/300’s
    • PM: 80-90 minute ride (Totally Time Trial), 30 minute run
  • Friday
    • AM: 2 hour long run
    • PM: EZ, EZ recovery ride. 60-75 minutes at super ez
  • Saturday
    • AM: 5k+ SCM swim
  • Sunday
    • AM: 3 hour ride, 30 minute run

FWIW – goal it to raise my FTP and running threshold pace 10% in the next 6 weeks.  Bit of a stretch, but worth the challenge.  Goal is to average 7:30 hours of sleep each night!  Made that so far this year; also want to lose ~10 more pounds to get to 175 by the half marathon.  Means high 160’s will be in reach for IM.  Have to see about how power/health is at 175 before trying for lower.

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