A new record

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Last night I set a new record for observed HR while biking – 165!.  Talk about crazy, previous the highest I had even observed was 163.  Once upon a time seeing that HR while biking would mean I was close to blacking out with effort.  It came during the 15 minute rep of a workout that consisted of 20, 15, 10, 5 minutes @ 5 minutes recovery.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my SRM installed at the time as I had to send it in for service (my zero offset had settled very high – I don’t think this was affecting the accuracy, SRM just doesn’t like it above 1000, mine was 1016), should have it back in a week or so.  Would have been nice to see the power numbers – based on the spreadsheet I formerly used that uses the Kurt Kinetic formula – it was impressive!

This morning I did a hard run, good warm up, 2×2 miles @ 3 minute recovery – 6:15 mpm.  I started a 5 minute rep at 5:45 mpm, but bailed after a minute because my achilles tendon/heel was feeling very tendor and I didn’t want to press my luck.

I also decided this AM – since I forgot my swim bag for the second week in a row for my PM swim, I may just scratch the Wednesday afternoon swim until I start riding outside, and can swim then go ride from the Y.

Tonight is an easy recovery ride; probably 75-90 minutes.