On A Pedestal

A lot been going on lately.  Some decent training, a couple of races (well one).  I did a 5k this past weekend.  Last year I did this race a month before Ironman Arizona.  I went 18:41 for the race, this year in what I would term good shape, but not world beater shape, I went […]

A new record

Last night I set a new record for observed HR while biking – 165!.  Talk about crazy, previous the highest I had even observed was 163.  Once upon a time seeing that HR while biking would mean I was close to blacking out with effort.  It came during the 15 minute rep of a workout […]

Training update

Training is going good.  Last week was pretty good, not great, but had a planned hiccup last week that threw Thursday and Friday off, but all’s good. Saturday was a big swim, 5,250 meters (5×500 @ 7:15 was main set).  Sunday was a 3 hour ride with a 4 mile run.  Averaged ~229 watts (removing […]