Bike test v2

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Did a bike fitness test last night.  It was great timing.  It was time for one, and my newly purchased SRM arrived.  After installing it and getting everything going I did the test.  I followed the same protocol as last time.

The result was 21.1 mph average (not sure if I selected the right rollout for my wheel), 313 watts (FTP 297), a bit higher then last time, and 155 HR.

I was a bit surprised to see the HR 5 beats lower, expecially because Mary had the same experience.  A little higher power (via Kurts formula), and a HR also 5 beats lower…

Did a short run this morning, 45 minutes at Daniel’s E pace (7:47; VDOT 56), with 2×3 minutes at T pace (6:15) inserted with 30 secs inbetween them.