The plan for the year

So I’ve spent a long time hemming and hawing over how to train this year.  Something new?  The old reliable?  What? Well I spent a bit of time looking at my training log for my 3 tri seasons to date, done a lot of reading, and thinking.  And I’ve come up with a basic strategy […]

Spare the rod, spoil the child

For a couple of years I have watched various internet forums and personal blogs rant and rave about powermeters.  For various reasons, a couple of years ago I decided I wanted/needed a powermeter.  Those reasons ranged from I want to be one of the cool kids with bling, to I’m a total geek and to […]

Bike test v2

Did a bike fitness test last night.  It was great timing.  It was time for one, and my newly purchased SRM arrived.  After installing it and getting everything going I did the test.  I followed the same protocol as last time. The result was 21.1 mph average (not sure if I selected the right rollout for […]

Another swim time trial

As a follow up to my swim fitness test back in December I did another one this morning.  Bit of a different warm-up 200 Swim-Kick-Swim 8×50 Drill 12×25 (world’s greatest transition) 1×1000 TT Final time was 13:10, just shy of where I had hoped to be when I did this about 7 weeks ago – was […]

Triathlon – a love – hate affair

There are parts of triathlon that I love and hate.  Not surprisingly this is how most things in life are.  Today I’m writing mostly about things I dislike in triathlon – I’ll save the love stuff for another snowy day! I straddle two worlds in my day to day life.  One being an uber geek […]