When is it time to go back to square one?

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On the surface Triathlon (and athletics in general) is an endeavor of the human body and mind to see how is the fastest, fittest, or strongest (and sometimes other attributes) depending on the sport.  While this is true, sport is ultimately something more then that.  It is really nothing more then project management wrapped in a bundle of blood, sweat, and tears.

Being a successful athlete ultimately means being a great project manager, or finding a great project manager and then executing their plan.  Simple right?  Not quite.  There are times when managing a project where it is easy to feel the techniques that saw you through past projects with great success – are outdated and can’t get you to where you want to go.

The truth of the matter is, only in rare cases do established formulas (that succeed) really need to be changed for further success – many times even formulas that have resulted in less then desirable results need changing – often times we simply executed them poorly.

What does this boil down to?  If you have a formula that has worked for you in the past – it’s probably best to stay with it.  No need for wild and crazy change.  If you read something that is new and you think has merits – incorporate it into your formula slowly – not quickly.

P.S.  This piece is mostly for my own piece of mind right now, as I am having a fair struggle trying to figure out my plan for this year – mostly as a result of all my new knowledge and wanting to in corporate it in.  My formula has worked great – I’ve done a 9:46 IM, 4:24 half, a half IM with a 1:26 run, a 2:02 Olympic – with the only times I’ve stagnated has generally been due to poor execution on my part!  Duh!