Happy New Year!

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Welcome to 2008!  A New Year, a new season, a time to start fresh. 

On New Years Eve I did a 5k race at the Wisconsin State Fair Park.  It was a fairly flat, fast race.  I finished in 18:29 – a PR by 12 seconds.  I’m not sure what to think of that.  I’m excited to have run a 5k race with a sub 6 minute average, but last year my 5k PR came ~5 weeks before Ironman Arizona, where I was in arguably the best shape of my life…while that 5k was a bit tougher course, it isn’t that much tougher…

Just weird to be running that fast when my total training load hasn’t been all that high.

On sunday I rode a computrainer for the first time.  It was a blast, I rode with a couple of people I know from TriWI at Transition (Cycle).  We did 45 or so miles of the Roth course.

I also decided that I’m not going to do Racine this year.  It was a tough choice, but I really want to focus my energy on Ironman Wisconsin this year – and want to focus solely on that after a early season stint of a few races.