Had a good week

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Finally had a week where I got everything in last week.  There were a few sessions where I didn’t get the amount I wanted, but I got them all!

Total for the week was 13 hours, 59 minutes.  Pretty good for January I think.  Going to shoot for a little bit higher this week and then slowly build to 18 or so hours and then hold there until after the South Shore Half Marathon.

The six weeks leading up to the South Shore half are going to be a very run focused segment of training.  I’d like to try and go a sub 1:20 Half Marathon.  Ultimately, I’d like to go a 1:17 – the equivilant of a 35 10k.  I’m going to enlist Matt’s help for pacing and as a rabbit to keep the suffering going.  I’m going to back down the Bike mileage a bit during those six weeks, but try to really push the run mileage the first 3 weeks, and the run intensity the second 3 weeks.

If all goes well it’ll help me close the gap on the run and put me in striking distance of a 25/2:20/1:20 half this summer.  Ultimately I’d love to faster, but I think it’s more realistic to do a 1:20 run then much faster then a 2:20 bike.  I rode close to 2:20 this year, but was riding a fair bit above my ability, so I figure 2:20 is a good target to ride conservatively.

Had a good swim with Lauren today – main set was a 2,700 SCM rolling ladder: 50,50,100,150,250,400,650,1050 (start at 50 with the next being the sum of the previous two)  did the 1050 @ 1:22 pace.  It’s nice to be swimming this strong now, but my stroke still feels terrible.