I did a bike fitness test last night.

15 minute warm up5x1 minute Ascend effort @ 30 seconds rest30 minute TT, take the average HR of the last 20, and average speed for whole ride

I ended up with an Average HR of 160, and an average speed of 20.9 mph (289 watts per the Kurt Kinetic formula).

When I did this test last may shortly after IMAZ, and before a stretch of really good racing, I averaged 161 HR and 21.7 mph (314 watts via formula).

I’m really happy with the result from last night – it confirms that I should keep the same training zones, and that I didn’t lose that much fitness. 

I plan to do a run test next week.

Did 45 minute run this morning.  Easy warm up, 20 minutes @ 6:58 pace, then a cool down.  I chose that pace because I thought it was close to my Daniels "T" pace, based on my recent 5k, but turns out my "T" pace is more like 6:22 🙁

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