A 5k

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On Saturday I did a 5k race in Racine.  Turns out they cut a little off the course at the last minute and it was about .25 miles short.  I finished in 17:26 – which on pace alone equates to about an 18:56.  Makes me think it was a little more then .25 short, but still should be under 20 which I feel is pretty good considering my fitness.

This week is my first truly structured week since Hawaii.  I want to get a little swimming, some biking, and a relatively large amount of running in this week.  I want to focus on the running so that I don’t go nuts on the trainer, and with Christmas coming up soon, running is about the only thing I know I’ll be able to do regardless of travel. 

I also want to try and do atleast one swim meet this winter so I’m really going to try to focus a lot of effort on my butterfly. 

Here’s this weeks plan:

  • Monday
    • AM: 30 minutes weights
    • PM: 60 minute aerobic run
  • Tuesday
    • AM: 60 minute swim – foucus on technique and non free
    • PM: 90 minute bike and 30 minute run – going to try to do the run at lunch
  • Wednesday
    • AM: 30 minutes weights
    • PM: 75 minute aerobic run
  • Thursday
    • AM: 60 minute swim – IM set
    • PM: Repeat of Tuesday
  • Friday
    • AM: 75 minute run
    • PM: Weights
  • Saturday
    • AM: 2 hour bike
    • PM: 45 minute run
  • Sunday
    • 1:45 long run

If I hold to things that equates to a 14 hour week with about 50 miles pounding the pavement.  If need be I’ll cut swimming and biking back to make sure I get the runs in.  The focus for the next few weeks is on the run and trying to build up to a couple 80 mile weeks.