2007 – Looking back

Here are some scatterbrained thoughts on 2007 from a triathlon point of view.   Season Review¬† Numbers: 2005 Swim: 380k – 116 hrs. Bike: 4,795 – 333 hrs. Run: 1,272 – 171 hrs. 2006 Swim: 416k – 124 hrs. Bike: 6,138 – 351 hrs. Run: 1,278 – 173 hrs. 2007 (as of 12/28/07, not much […]

Back on track

Other then the holidays this week has been a great week of training.  Good for getting back into a routine.  My goal is get in the routine of ~ 1 hour before work and 2-3 hours after work, plus 2 or 3 per weekend day – as athe schedule allows. Come mid-March is when I […]

Swim Time Trial

Did a 1,000 SCM time trial this morning. 1×150 Swim 1×100 Kick 1×100 Swim 1×1000 for time Did it in 13:54 (1:23/100) which is pretty good actually.  I felt like a newbie swimmer.  Had terrible breathing patterns especially into and out of the turns.  I probably went out a bit quick – hit 200 @ […]

Not a whole lot to say

Christmas has come and gone.  I spent some time at my parents and got stuck in a snowstorm on the way home. Life in general is good, have some computer issues that I’m dealing with at home, and fairly low motivation for working out right now. That’s something I’ve got to figure out how to […]

A 5k

On Saturday I did a 5k race in Racine.  Turns out they cut a little off the course at the last minute and it was about .25 miles short.  I finished in 17:26 – which on pace alone equates to about an 18:56.  Makes me think it was a little more then .25 short, but […]