I think I may have used that subject once already, but it’s OK.  I’m currently 32 days out from Kona – it’s coming fast, but before I blabber on to much about my stuff – I just want to say how proud I am of my wife, Mary, and how well she did at IMWI two days ago.  She went 12:33, and finished as the 124th women!  She ran tough the whole time and looked great!

I had a good week of training last week, was a bit of an odd week trying to fit in workouts while making sure I provided the support Mary needed.  The highlights of the week:

  • Friday – 3 hour indoor bike (Spinervals Tough Love) + 30 minute run
  • Saturday – IMWI Swim course sans wetsuit, + 52 mile bike on the course (20.5 mph, ending on the hilly portion, was as high as 20.7 with 6 miles to go, dropped to 20.2, and then back up, I felt good)
  • Sunday – 20.2 mile run in 2:31 minutes – ran from Monona Terrace to Verona to watch the bike.  Felt awesome

I have 5 full weeks of training left here’s how they are going to shake out

  • This week
    • Monday – off
    • Tuesday
      • AM – off needed some extra sleep to catch up from the long weekend
      • PM – Tough Love DVD + 30-45 run
    • Wednesday
      • AM – Track workout 8×1000 @ ~6 minutes, 4x 3:53, 4x 3:37 (same as last time)
      • PM – EZ to Mod 2 hour to 2.5 hour ride
    • Thursday
      • AM – 90 minute long swim
      • PM – 90 minute ride – Interval workout + 30 minute run
    • Friday
      • AM – 10 mile run
      • PM – 1 hour easy ride
    • Saturday
      • 1/5.5/1 SBR
    • Sunday
      • 20 mile run (2.5 hours) with my recoverying IronSherpa
  • Next week is likely to be a repeat of this week, or it will be full recovery week depending on how I feel Monday and how my run goes
  • The two weeks after that are the beginnings of taper – mostly easy workouts with a couple killers
  • Then it’s race week – pretty much do what it takes to get ready!

I really hope I can pull this week and next week off, mentally I could really use them – I’m not sure how much of a physical boost I need from them, but mentally I really need them!

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