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Last night I did my old stand by 48 mile loop followed by a 30 minute run.

I did this exact workout (same route, followed by the same run) an equal time prior to IMAZ.

I did this ride about 7 minutes faster then I did it prior to AZ, and the run was right around 7:00 mpm (versus ~7:30).  The ride was hovering just above a true IM effort, but not much; and the run was at 145 HR max, mostly around 141 – so very fast, but also very aerobic.

Sometime back in may I did this route in 2:20 something, which I can’t fathom how I did that, but I was happy to beat it last night with the 2:19.

To top it off, it was far from ideal conditions.  I started around 4:20 shortly after some rain and thunderstorms cleared.  Only to get 15 minutes into the ride where I started to get pelted by fat, cold, painful raindrops that were getting whipped around by some pretty nasty winds.  The rain and wind lasted until about 20 miles into the ride.  Had it lasted any longer I would have been pretty miserable – I was near the end of my tolerance after 45 minutes of it.  To top it off because it looked nice when I started I was just in shorts and a jersey.  Once the rain passed I was comfortable though.

It’s an easy day today, short run, short bike.  Tomorrow is easy, but with a broken IM distance swim: 300, 500, 3×1000.  Going to am for cracking 50 minutes swim time.  Sunday is a 4 hour ride + 1 hour run – race sim.  I had been planning to ride towards Whitewater and back, but I got all hot and bothered for the trainer today.

Feeling pretty good this week – my confidence level is definately up.  The key workouts thus far this week are definately indicative that I am in Rock Star shape (relative to myself).