Had a great run last night.  I was pretty nervous for it all day, especially with how my legs felt during my swim in the morning.  It felt like every flip turn, I was reminded how tired my legs were.  It wasn’t painful tired, but a more “If you make us work today, we’ll do the work, but you won’t like it” kind of tired.

Last night’s run as a 90 minute or so run on a fairly rolling course, I intended to try and make the conditions kona like – and fortunately for me the weather cooperated: 72 degrees, 85% humidty.  Add in that I wore on of my winter running shirts (long sleeve, insulating) – I was in for a treat.  The plan for the run was to run at a progressively harder effort throughout.

In the end the run was 1:32:27 total time, but I lost a LOT of time due to stop lights and traffic on the way back, I’d say in the neighborhood of 2 minutes – it’s hard to say.  Not to mention that I’m the type of running that if I stop (especially when I’m “moving”/hurting) it takes a lot of effort to get going again.  Total distance was about 12.6 miles.  I was sopping wet and hot when I finished – the artificial heat and the humidty really made things fun.

All in all I was happy with the effort.  Tonight is an easy bike ride and run – and pick my bike up from the shop.  Tomorrow is a 2 hour to 2:30 ride with 30-40 minute run.  I haven’t decided how I should execute that workout, prior to AZ I did it as a steady state effort workout near HIM pace…maybe I should do it that way again to compare.

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