Last night I did my old stand by 48 mile loop followed by a 30 minute run. I did this exact workout (same route, followed by the same run) an equal time prior to IMAZ. I did this ride about 7 minutes faster then I did it prior to AZ, and the run was right […]


Had a great run last night.  I was pretty nervous for it all day, especially with how my legs felt during my swim in the morning.  It felt like every flip turn, I was reminded how tired my legs were.  It wasn’t painful tired, but a more “If you make us work today, we’ll do […]

The Big Show and Poker

In 19 days, I’ll be racing in Kona.  Last week was a tough week for me mentally, I didn’t feel the greatest in training, I had an urge to do lots of hard work to build my fitness because my race was rapidly approach and I need to get in better shape.  Fortunately, cooler minds […]


He had a great admiration for the Spartans, you know the Grecian army people who I remember even as a kid myself, reading some story, I can’t remember whether it was in mythology or some ancient history book anyway, but where a Spartan had stolen a fox and he’d been detected, and rather than get […]

I’m tired

I was going to do this week as a tough week, a near duplicate of last week – but I’m pooped.  I did my normal 48 mile loop last night and just didn’t have much pop in my legs – and it’s definately not there today. So I’m going to follow my original plan for […]


Recently on slowtwitch there was a thread where someone was asking for "the secret" to training for a fast Ironman marathon.  While my 3:27 and 3:28 IM marathons aren’t the fastest ever – I think that I have a decent understand what it takes to run a good IM marathon.  Despite what some people think […]

The Final Countdown!

I think I may have used that subject once already, but it’s OK.  I’m currently 32 days out from Kona – it’s coming fast, but before I blabber on to much about my stuff – I just want to say how proud I am of my wife, Mary, and how well she did at IMWI […]

It’s back

This upcoming weekend I get to experience something entirely new!  I get to go to an Ironman and watch!  That’s right – I get to be at an Ironman and just watch!  I’m really looking forward to it, but I do have a part of me that really feels a draw to take part in […]