This week is a rest week – so no crazy training exploits to brag about.  Just a realization of how tired I actually am.  I almost feel more worn out then I did on Sunday.

Last weekend was a very solid training weekend.  On Saturday I rode the IMWI course.  It was my fastest ride ever on the course (5:24), it wasn’t quite the full distance, but very very close.  I was really, really happy with that.  I rode very much within my abilities, and was very responsible with my pacing.  I rode it with a group and very early on realized they were going faster then I should so I let them drop me!  I followed it up with a 40 minute run that was OK.

Sunday I planned to do 2 loops of the Pleasant Prairie Tri course followed by a 10k run.  I got a flat around mile 15, and ended up cutting my ride to 1 loop because by the time I got back to the start of the loop (and where my car was) my tire seemed to have lost a lot of pressure and I didn’t want to get stranded.  I did keep the planned 10k run, and did it in a very aerobicly paced 45:36.

Other then that this is just an easy week, that I’ll cap off with a moderately hard brick on Sunday to lead into the next 3 weeks.

Oh and I’m fevorishly working on a friend’s website – Matt – if I don’t call you tonight with info call me!

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