I didn’t post about this earlier, but I’ve slightly revised my training plan leading into Hawaii.  Due to the fact that I feel I had some issues with consistant quality training earlier this summer, and spent much of it pretty flat, I decided that I was going to spend 5 weeks (counting last week) doing some very specific preparation for Hawaii.

The general plan is to do 5 weeks of consistant, high quality, low to moderate volume training.  Low to moderate may be a bit misleading – easy week days, hard weekends is more accurate.  I’m hoping to do some higher quality running on Tuesday, higher quality biking on Thursday – with the other days/workouts being easy aerobic.  Then I’m going to nail the weekends with a long brick on Saturday and my long run on Sunday.  Repeat until it’s time to taper.

Hopefully this will pay off, and the challenge of it will give me a load of confidence for Hawaii, as well as give me a huge fitness boost.  The trick will be to make sure that I get enough recover during the week to stay strong, fresh, and motivated.

This weekend was my first weekend of trying this and it went well.  Saturday I did the Racine Half Iron course twice – based on what I can tell it has a similar elevation profile to Hawaii – it was hard (well DUH!), but my legs were pretty tired the whole time.  Normally my feel on my long ride starts out around 4 and builds to 7, well this started at around 6 and built to being plum tuckered out!  I had a good run afterwards though that went way better then I thought.

Sunday I did my long run – 19.41 miles in about 2:29 (7:41 mpm).  I was really happy with that; not only was it my longest run in a while, it was my longest run since my IMAZ marathon!

Did a long swim today (SCM), main set was

  • 6×125 @ 2:00 (held 1:38-1:40
  • 1×800, 1×200, 1×600, 1×200, 1×400, 1×200, 1×200, 1×200. 

The 8,6,4,2 were hard on 1:30 base minus a flat 15 seconds.  I held around 1:20/100 on those, and then the 200’s in-between were easy on 1:30 base.

Tonight is a no workout night – going to do some chores around the house.

FWIW – I liked only having to run on Sunday, gives you a little bit more weekend time!


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