Long weekend

I didn’t post about this earlier, but I’ve slightly revised my training plan leading into Hawaii.  Due to the fact that I feel I had some issues with consistant quality training earlier this summer, and spent much of it pretty flat, I decided that I was going to spend 5 weeks (counting last week) doing […]

My Ankles are a bit bruised!

Did my track workout last night – 2k warmup, 8×1000 at Vdot Threshold and interval pace.  For the purposes of this workout I estimated my Vdot as 56 based on this chart – based on my IM run and my HIM run I am between a 55 and 56.  Being the over-achiever I used 56. […]


Well the swim didn’t go as planned tonight.  Got to the Y only to discover my goggles weren’t in my swim bag – I had left them in the bag I took to the Tri yesterday. I flopped around for a little while and got a nice easy recovery workout and blurry vision! Maybe I […]

Random Stuff

A few varied things to talk about – first is vistors, I’m surprised by the number of people who have visited my website – some quick stats (since launch) 1,632 distinct vistors Biggest Month – June – 460 Smallest Month – January – 16 10,000 pageviews Biggest Month – June – 2106 Smallest Month – […]

Rest Week!

This week is a rest week – so no crazy training exploits to brag about.  Just a realization of how tired I actually am.  I almost feel more worn out then I did on Sunday. Last weekend was a very solid training weekend.  On Saturday I rode the IMWI course.  It was my fastest ride […]

Tough double

Was really hot last night, only put in about 17 miles.  Followed it up with a track workout this morning.  It’s my first of four prior to Hawaii.  This one was 6×1000 meters @ 2 minute rest (4:10/4:08/4:07/4:22/4:18/4:10). Very easy spin tonight.