Well this is it.  The test.  I’ve sent that last few weeks rebuilding my fitness after my training downshift after Arizona.  How will Racine go?  Will I blow away my previous PR, or will I just blow up?

After this past weekend I’m pretty confident in my fitness, I did two IM distance rides – one pretty casual and then a second on Sunday at build-to-IM effort.  I clocked 5:37 @ 112 miles on Sunday – over 20 minutes faster then I have ever ridden that particular route before.  It also happens to be my second fastest time ever for 112 miles.

In a way it’s a bit scary – am I putting to much work out in training – or am I just that much "stronger" then last year?  I’ll find out this weekend in Racine.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this weekend is the Spirit of Racine Triathlon.  Other then Ironman Wisconsin, it’s the biggest race within driving distance if you ask me.  2,000 entrants – big pro prize purse – bring your game or don’t come.   It’s a Half Ironman that has a pancake flat bike and run course – and a swim that is as close to an ocean swim as you can get in Wisconsin.  If you’re gonna PR here’s the place to do it.

Enough of the "attitude" talk sounds a little on the cocky side me thinks…

The bottom line is I’m nervous for this weekend, it’s a big race and some big names are going to be there.  Based on my past experiences at this race, and the way my training has been going – I think this is a great time to swing for the fence; race with a "Devil may care, three sheets to the wind" attitude and see where things fall.  I know I can finish the race, so why not see what happens when I just let go.  I had an incredible race in Pleasant Prairie a few years ago when I just decided to let it rip – I think it’s time for another one of those.

I guess me and Fluffy are just gonna let it all hang out.

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