Just another day

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Had some good training recently and some bad training.  I had two great rides over the weekend.  I topped the weekend off with a 94 mile ride @ 20.6 mph, followed by a 6 mile run @ 6:45 mpm – crazy fast.  A bit scary that I'm riding so well in July with my target race in October – but it indicates good things for Racine in a couple weeks.

Last night I did my "long" run.  I say "long", because it only turned out to be 12.3 miles/1:34.  It was awful, my pace yo-yo'd between 7:00 to 8:30 – I just didn't have it.  To top it off I had really bad heart burn.  Part of me wonders if I was being a little overzealous about my pace for my first long run of the cycle.

Hopefully things will go good again this week!