Here’s a breakdown of my training for july:

  • Swim
    • 41,500 meters
    • 12 hours, 12 minutes
  • Bike
    • 962 miles
    • 50 hours, 55 minutes
  • Run
    • 153 miles (18 planned tonight)
    • 19 hours, 17 minutes (2:20 tonight)

Both the bike and the run are my largest volume (distance) 4 weeks of the year, with biking being the biggest timewise by about an hour and a half.  Looking at last year it looks like this was my big week (distance) on the bike ever. 

Something has got to be wrong with me because I didn’t think my training was going that good – wow.  Hopefully, the rest of this week goes good and I go into my rest week next week on a high note. 

Year to date totals:

  • Swim
    • 315,650 meters
    • 97 hours, 12 minutes
  • Bike
    • 5,212 miles
    • 285 hours, 48 minutes
  • Run
    • 901 miles
    • 116 hours, 9 minutes

Over the year that’s a breakdown of about 20% swimming, 57% biking, and 23% running.

It’s been a great year so far, hopefully I can keep it up.

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