I still feel pretty tired even after taking a fairly easy week last week – I'm really struggling with my breathing during training.  I feel like I'm getting winded fairly easily and just not getting enough O2 – which is a pretty big demotivator from pushing hard.   But I'm doing the best I can, if things don't seem to get better in the next couple of days I may pay a visit to my doctor to look into allergies and/or asthma.  In the mean time I'm just trying to get as much sleep as I can and trying to stay away from the intensity.

What's on the plate this week?  I really want to focus on hitting each of my workouts right as planned – get all the volume, with just a thin frosting of intensity.  I also want to focus on staying in good spirits if my training doesn't go according to plan.  Anyways here's the plan

  • Monday
    • AM: 1 hour easy swimi
    • PM: Off
  • Tuesday
    • AM: 1 hour swim – 7×200 @ 2:55 SCM
    • PM: 2 hour run – a little over 15 miles – really hot and humid
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 2.5 hour bike + 30-45 minute run
  • Thursday:
    • AM: 1:15 swim – planning to do 20-30×100 @ 2:00 SCM hold 1:14-1:16/100
    • PM:90 minutes on the trainer + 30 minute run
  • Friday
    • AM: 10 mile run @ 7:30 mpm – no faster, no slower
    • Midday: 20-30 minute open water swim 
    • PM: 2 hours on the trainer
  • Satuday
    • 70-112 miles biking on the IMWI course + 30 minute run
  • Sunday
    • Lake Geneva Bike loop – 112 miles good mix of hills and flat + 45 minute run

At first I was disappointed with my run last night, 8 mpm is slow, but then I looked at my log from IMAZ, and at 13 weeks out it's about the same distance I did then as well as the same time.  Considering the heat I was running in, it was actually pretty good.  Post run I weighed in "normal" after drinking ~90 ouces of water, so I was super dehydrated

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