On the burner

Short update on what the plan for this week is Monday Off Tuesday AM: Broken Ironman distance swim 300,500,3×1000 @ 15 sec rest – swimming time was mid 53 PM: Long run – targetting 18 miles in ~2:20 Wednesday AM: Track workout (1st of 4 before HI)  4×1200 @ 10kish pace PM: Easy bike Thursday […]

July in Review

Here’s a breakdown of my training for july: Swim 41,500 meters 12 hours, 12 minutes Bike 962 miles 50 hours, 55 minutes Run 153 miles (18 planned tonight) 19 hours, 17 minutes (2:20 tonight) Both the bike and the run are my largest volume (distance) 4 weeks of the year, with biking being the biggest timewise […]

Spirit of Racine 2007

Extremely short race report for this one – in the end it was a very solid day.  It fellshort of what I had hoped for, but how can you complain when you turn in a time that is a minute off your time from last year and you had an aweful run? No complaints – […]

Weekly update

Got a fair amount to write about today. I had a Dr. appointment yesterday concerning my breathing issues – he felt that it was a minor exercise induced asthma caused due to seasonal allergies.  He told me to try taking a claritan everyday and prescribed an inhaler to use prior to workouts.  So I figure […]

The Test

Well this is it.  The test.  I’ve sent that last few weeks rebuilding my fitness after my training downshift after Arizona.  How will Racine go?  Will I blow away my previous PR, or will I just blow up? After this past weekend I’m pretty confident in my fitness, I did two IM distance rides – […]

July 11th

I still feel pretty tired even after taking a fairly easy week last week – I'm really struggling with my breathing during training.  I feel like I'm getting winded fairly easily and just not getting enough O2 – which is a pretty big demotivator from pushing hard.   But I'm doing the best I can, if […]

Shell shock

For the first time in quite a while I'm pretty shelled from a training point of view – I had a fantastic week of training last week, and I'm really seeing the "results" of that training.  I'm tired.  I haven't been this tired in a while.  As a result I've made a concerted effort to […]

Just another day

Had some good training recently and some bad training.  I had two great rides over the weekend.  I topped the weekend off with a 94 mile ride @ 20.6 mph, followed by a 6 mile run @ 6:45 mpm – crazy fast.  A bit scary that I'm riding so well in July with my target […]

Recommended Reading

I have been searching and searching for an article by Gordo Byrn on a two year plan for “elite” base training, and what it takes to place well in Kona. I even sent Gordo an email about it and he and his webguy was convinced it was lost, but through the miracle of the internet […]