Race time

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Well June is the month I planned to spend a lot of time racing. In the 5 week span between Memorial Day and July I have 4 races. The DeSoto American Triple-T, Lake Mills Sprint Tri, Rockman Triathlon, and the High Cliff Half Ironman. Busy month. While it will be great fun racing that much, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for training. Fortunately I have a huge fitness base from Arizona that I’m going to lean on. So that 5 week span is mostly: hard week, easy week with a race, hard week, easy week. Once I hit July is when I plan to start rebuilding my base towards Hawaii.

One of the races is in the books already, the Triple T. I plan to post a race report on it (and for Arizona – finally) today or tomorrow. The short report is that it didn’t go as planned. Originally, I was signed up for the solo division, and Mary and Paul (our brother-in-law) were signed up for the coed division. Friday night, and Saturday morning were great races. Both were faster then last year – I sliced 3 minutes off my 40k bike from last year, and 30 seconds off a 6.55 mile run. Not bad IMO.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news really ended. Paul’s second race ended in a pretty spectacular crash which ended his race. I backed out of the solo division and joined up with Mary, now partnerless, for the last two races. It ended up OK though, we ended up as the 3rd COED team overall!

Training has been going pretty good – despite having a pretty relaxed focus on it I’ve had some pretty good sessions. Once I start the offical training cycle for Hawaii I’ll start posting updates on what I’m doing.