24 seconds!

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24 seconds is all that seperated 3rd and 4th place in the race I did on Sunday. 3rd place was being run down by 4th, and the guy in 3rd managed to hold off the stalker for the spot. Fortunately (?) 3rd place was me!!!

Yep, I did the inaugural Rockman Triathlon this past weekend and finished third. It was a great race and I pulled off a 4 minute PR. You can read my bloated race report here.

For a first year race, and a first race ever by this race director (Record10Carbon on slowtwitch) I was impressed. I was a little disappointed that the deal with Planet-X for the race wheels for the fastest swimmer fell through, but I was more then happy with the race.

In other news one of my training partners recently suffered a potentially season ending injury – it really has me taking a step back and evaluating my training for this week. I had originally been planning to hit it pretty hard this week, rest next week and try to have a great race at High Cliff, and then go into my training cycle for Kona. Now I’m thinking I might be safer to take another moderate week this week and a rest week next week prior to starting the cycle for Kona – you can’t have a good race if you are injured or burned out.

Then again it’s hard to imagine being burned out two days after a 4 minute PR in a Half (on a hardish course)!