High Cliff Triathlon 2007

The High Cliff Half Ironman race was the final race of my busy month of June (4 races in 5 weeks, 3 of which were Half Ironmans).  Going into this race I had some private doubts about my fitness and conditioning, along with the amount of fatique I had from racing so much.  Earlier in […]

Back on the horse

This week is the first week of my training cycle for Kona.  I’ve spent the last 8 weeks or so with my training in a holding pattern.  I’ve done a few hard races – but I’ve really been limiting my training to the 15ish hour or so range since IMAZ, with the first two weeks […]

Thought for the day

…When I say something is important, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s linked to my personal happiness and satisfaction. Rather, it means that I am elevating its position in my life because, I believe, that the goal will help me be the type of person I want to be. -Gordo Byrn

July Training Goals

Here are my training goals for the 4 week span between June 25th and July 21st Swim: 60,000meters Bike: 1,000 miles Run: 175 miles These miles will all be “slow” base miles, mostly in Zone 2. The intention is to provide a huge aerobic overload at the beginning of my training cycle for Hawaii, and […]

Counting your eggs

I learned a very important lessen this last week.  A couple of them actually.  Actually it's not that I learned a lessen, it's more that the value of the a few basic concepts was simply reinforced.  The race I did last weekend, the inaugural Rockman Triathlon, was put on by a member of an internet […]

Standing outside the fire

I've been driving my wife's car a lot this week, so I've been stuck listening to the CDs in her car (the morning shows in Milwaukee are pretty boring).  One of her CDs has the song Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks.  To me the lyrics of this song are pretty powerful.  I've been […]

24 seconds!

24 seconds is all that seperated 3rd and 4th place in the race I did on Sunday. 3rd place was being run down by 4th, and the guy in 3rd managed to hold off the stalker for the spot. Fortunately (?) 3rd place was me!!! Yep, I did the inaugural Rockman Triathlon this past weekend […]

I’m not a sprinter

One of the races I was really looking forward to this year is done and gone. I don’t know why, but I get a huge kick out of the Lake Mills Sprint, I’ve done some other sprint races and I just don’t enjoy myself – I think they are to hard. Lake Mills though, I’ve […]

Race time

Well June is the month I planned to spend a lot of time racing. In the 5 week span between Memorial Day and July I have 4 races. The DeSoto American Triple-T, Lake Mills Sprint Tri, Rockman Triathlon, and the High Cliff Half Ironman. Busy month. While it will be great fun racing that much, […]