What’s in a goal?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve accomplished the goal I have been driving for since I signed up for my first Ironman in September of 2004. At the time I set the goal, I thought it would be easy. As I learned at Ironman Wisconsin in September 2005, it wasn’t going to be […]

Catch up time

Well it’s catch up time. Not in the sense that I have training to catch up on, but it’s time to bring my blog up to date with things, and spend a little time working on the website. Where to begin? Well Ironman Arizona was a great success. It wasn’t a perfect race, but it […]

I’m back

Just a quick update, I’m back from my trip to IMAZ. It was a great race and a great vacation. I came home with a slot for Kona, 3rd place in my age group and 29th overall – 9:46. I’ll try to post a race report tomorrow.

Ironman Arizona 2007

This is the second time I’ve tried to write this (the IE window got closed on the first try). Fortunately for you that means all the boring garbage I wrote about the days before the race will get surmised into this: Mary swam with me in the lake without a wetsuit, she’s tough! The desert […]

I’m off

Well I’m off to catch my plane. I don’t know what I’ll have for internet access while I’m in Arizona so there might not be any updates until I get back – 4/22/2007

Calm before the storm

It’s very close to the race now, so close that I can feel it. In fact one week from know it will all be over. In fact one week from now I’ll be sitting at the awards dinner chowing on some good food. I’ll know the results of the race, how I did, how others […]

Getting Close

Two weeks. 14 days. It’s been a long cycle so far, and that’s all that’s left. My training is pretty much done – at this point there are only a few more days of potential fitness gains before the race, after that all I can do is tire myself out. Training has been going pretty […]