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Have had a couple great workouts since my last post. Good to the point where it makes you nervous.

To start with yesterday I had a great swim in the morning – a broken Ironman distance (3×150 EZ + 2×250,2×500,1×750, 1×1000). The main set was fast – I got through 1500 meters in 19 minutes swimming time, and finished up on 50 minute pace! Crazy fast. Last night I also had a great bike workout, a interval session that consisted of 20 minutes @ 40k effort, 15 minutes @ a little more, 10 minutes, and finally 5 minutes. I did this workout on my trainer, and saw my highest ever pace average for the 20,15, and 10 minute interval. The five minute was a little short, but I was pretty pooped.

This morning I had a 10 mile tempo run with a friend lined up – I’m not sure who pushed us to it, but we finished 10 miles in 1:09:10 (~6:55 mpm), that’s quick. My HR drifted up a little higher then I would have liked but never got out of control. Have an easy 1 hour bike tonight, weather looks nice so I’ll probably go tool around on the parkways! Stay tuned for more updates on my trade-up experiment. I should have something thrown together by this weekend!