Update: A little overdue

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Well it’s been a few days since I’ve posted an update. Things have been good to great on the training front, although I’m still fighting to keep the cold at bay. My bike ride yesterday (more on that in a bit), I think opened me up to it a little more. So I’m definately feeling it a little today, will try and get some good sleep to make up for it.

Anyways, here’s the low down on my training since last Wednesday.

  • Thursday
    • AM – Swim 3×300, 3×200,3×100
    • PM – 1:15 easy spin on the trainer
  • Friday
    • AM – 10 mile run – 1:15
    • PM – 2 hours on the trainer – 20,25,27.5 minutes @ HIM effort on 10 minute RI
  • Saturday
    • AM – Swim – 3×800 @ 12:00
    • PM – 5k running race – 18:41 (PR)
  • Sunday
    • 112 Bike + 8 mile run – 5:40 ride time, 61 minutes run

Overall, even though last week was a little less volume then I would have liked, I had several very high quality workouts, and lifetime best race times/training benchmarks. In fact, my Sunday bike was the fastest every training ride over 40 miles, and my second fastest ever. I was extremely happy with it – I was able to push a lot of power into the pedals (a result of my early season usage of powercranks), and stay focused for some hard, long efforts (Spinervals?). I was happy with the overall time/distance of my run, but I was pretty disappointed by how high my RPE was – I wasn’t running hard per-se, but my legs never really came around like they typically due. I think that some of it is due to the punishment I inflicted on them during the 5k.