To many days without an update…

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Sorry for the delay in the updates, between being sick, juggling life, and training keeping my website up to date. On the sicky front my cold has moved from a normal cold to being all in my sinuses. From the viewpoint of impacting my training – there’s hardly any impact any more. My sinuses tend to drain after I get going without impacting my ability to go hard or easy. Spent more days then I can count back in college working hard in swim practice with a sinus infection.

After the initial rough start to the week (which unfortunately has been a bit of a pattern recently…) the week went pretty good and according to schedule. Originally this week was supposed to be a double 100 mile ride – I did the first one as planned, but I decided to cut the second one a little short. I figure it’s better to end my major training cycle for IMAZ with a strong workout rather then a flameout. There’s a lot to be said for positive mental energy.

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