Support and Sponsorship

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I’ve had some thoughts lately rolling around my head – mainly focused around seeking out “sponsors” to help support my athletics. Why? It’s expensive doing triathlons.

There are a couple of items I’d really like to get to help my triathlon racing and training advance – hopefully to the next level. The two key things are a set of race wheels and a powermeter – which turns out to be about $3,500 dollars. Pricey.

The reality is, I could afford these items if I wanted to, but it would mean that I’d have to cash in a big chunk of savings, or go into debt for a few months – both of which I’m not eager to do – at least not for triathlons. So I’ve come up with two alternative approaches:

  • A trade up
  • Sell off web/email/link hosting in exchange for a donation

For those of you not familar a trade up is a type of deal where I say – I have an item that is of marginal value to me and I trade it to someone for something of marginal value to them, I then try to trade that item for another – until hopefully I get to the item that I desire. A great example of this is a guy who is trying to trade up a paper clip for a house. Would be fun to try.

My other idea is to just offer out web hosting service or email hosting, or just a link to the website of their choice for a one time donation. If you have other ideas drop me a note.

Not to much else. Happy spring!