It’s offical: I got sick

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Well after spending most of last week successfully avoiding getting sick (while having a great week of training), I got nailed yesterday. I’m not sure if I got it because it was just strong then me, or if my race + super long weekend is what did me in…

Regardless, I got sick and as a result my swim today, and my 20 miler got flushed down the drain – I did manage to salvage 5 miles but it was pretty challenging. Challenging in that, were I not feeling partially under the weather I just would have slogged through it (plus I wouldn’t have slept in this morning!), but with how I feel – and not sure how much of it is due to drugs – I decide it was better to just let it go.

We’ll see how I feel later this week – maybe I’ll juggle a few things to try and fit it in, or maybe I’ll just let it go. I don’t know yet – it’ll depend how I feel, maybe I’ll ping Lauren (Jensen) to see what she thinks.