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Had a decent workout last night, and a great swim this morning. Last night I did 2 hours on the trainer followed by a 30 minute run. Both were at a very easy pace – which was good because I had a very hard time elevating my HR, I think I was still pretty tired from Tuesday nights run. I also came pretty close to bonking on the workout last night, I got off the bike and felt very shakey – so I down a can of coke really quick (it wasn’t flat so it caused a little bit of problems on my run…). The run sucked – between being nasty out – it was raining/sleeting out, I just didn’t want to be out there – a very negative mental attitude.

My swim this morning was much better – did a little over 3,000 SCM in just under an hour:

  • 6×150 @ 2:15
  • 6×125 @ 2:00
  • 4×100 @ 1:30 (Cut two out since it was icy outside and I needed to get home)

Planning to do a 1:15 or so trainer ride tonight – high intensity – plus no RUN!!!! Yeah!

Happy March!!!