Have had a couple great workouts since my last post. Good to the point where it makes you nervous. To start with yesterday I had a great swim in the morning – a broken Ironman distance (3×150 EZ + 2×250,2×500,1×750, 1×1000). The main set was fast – I got through 1500 meters in 19 minutes […]

Support and Sponsorship

I’ve had some thoughts lately rolling around my head – mainly focused around seeking out “sponsors” to help support my athletics. Why? It’s expensive doing triathlons. There are a couple of items I’d really like to get to help my triathlon racing and training advance – hopefully to the next level. The two key things […]

To many days without an update…

Sorry for the delay in the updates, between being sick, juggling life, and training keeping my website up to date. On the sicky front my cold has moved from a normal cold to being all in my sinuses. From the viewpoint of impacting my training – there’s hardly any impact any more. My sinuses tend […]

It’s offical: I got sick

Well after spending most of last week successfully avoiding getting sick (while having a great week of training), I got nailed yesterday. I’m not sure if I got it because it was just strong then me, or if my race + super long weekend is what did me in… Regardless, I got sick and as […]

Update: A little overdue

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve posted an update. Things have been good to great on the training front, although I’m still fighting to keep the cold at bay. My bike ride yesterday (more on that in a bit), I think opened me up to it a little more. So I’m definately feeling […]

The plan, faith, and judgement calls

It’s been a tough week so far. Being only the third day of the week, I’ve had some real highs and some real lows. The highs being my run last night – 21 miles in ~2:37; that’s moving. The lows – being the huge amount of fatigue that I’m carrying from last week and earlier […]

Some extra sleep

Was supposed to do a swim this morning, but I decided to sleep in this morning, and do the swim tomorrow. I was extremely worn down last night – so I just needed to get some rest. I think it will make for a better run tonight. Yesterday I had a great swim 4,900 SCM […]

A perfect week!

The week ending March 4th, was a awesome week for me training wise. It topped the scales at a little over 25 hours total volume. Here’s how it broke down: Swim: 13,850 SCM – 4:20 Bike: 237 miles – 13:20 (all on the trainer) Run: 40 miles – 5:32 Strength/Flexibility: 2:09 This was a great […]


Had a decent workout last night, and a great swim this morning. Last night I did 2 hours on the trainer followed by a 30 minute run. Both were at a very easy pace – which was good because I had a very hard time elevating my HR, I think I was still pretty tired […]