Why a website?

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I was visiting a website today, that of another amatuer triathlete Mark Gingrich, and I remembered a thread on TNO (Trinewbies) a while back, where Mark was hasseled pretty badly for having a nice website, and claiming to be an elite triathlete. While I may or may not consider Mark an elite triathlete (We’d give each other one heck of a race), I got to thinking about what people may think of my website, and what it says about me.

First and foremost I have a website because I am a geek, and it is basically required. That said that doesn’t mean I have to have one about triathlons. To me however, I feel the need to have a website dedicated to the triathlon side of my life, it’s one of my passions, and considering I spend 15-25 hours a week on it, I need to document my thoughts, feelings, and results – mostly for my own reasons, but partly because it’s fun to throw thoughts, numbers and other stuff out there and see what others make of it when they stumble on it.

Take Skudd, here you’ve got an average dude, out there just blogging about his life, and how somedays it’s great and other days it sucks. Imagine the value of being able to look back and see what you though on this day, or did on this day, or felt after this race.

That’s why I have a personal triathlon website!