Thanks for reading

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First off, thanks for reading my blog, I’m not totally sure how you got here, but thanks

Well if you are here, you must know who I am and what I’m about – to some extent.

Before I get to far into rambling I have to give some credit to Chris McDonald as his website had some heavy influence on mine.

Now that that’s out of the way, things are going pretty good training wise. I’m currently building up for Ironman Arizona, and while it isn’t going exactly as I planned it, I’m doing pretty well. It’s weird, even though I’ve done a volume of training that’s for the most part comprable to what I do in the summer, it seems like a lot less. But that’s the way it felt last year as compared to the year before – same amount, but perceived as less. There must be something with just getting used to the workload. Not much else to share at the moment, but again thanks for reading!