Last Day of February

Well it’s crunch time – not for training, but for my website, since tomorrow is a new month, the blog archive feature will kick in, and all of these posts will disappear from the main page and Feburary, 2007 will show up in the archive box to the right – that’s all well and good […]

Why a website?

I was visiting a website today, that of another amatuer triathlete Mark Gingrich, and I remembered a thread on TNO (Trinewbies) a while back, where Mark was hasseled pretty badly for having a nice website, and claiming to be an elite triathlete. While I may or may not consider Mark an elite triathlete (We’d give […]

Long swim

Monday is my “recovery day” and my long swim day. I do a 90 minute swim or so and try to get in about 5k SCM in that time. This morning I did two main sets: Main Set #1 4×150 @ 2:15 Main Set #2 2×200 @ 3:00 2×400 @ 6:00 1×800 @ 12:00 2×400 […]

Crank choice

About a month ago I made the decision to go ahead with my training and race Ironman Arizona on my powercranks. In the back of my mind a small amount of doubt over this decision has crept in – some of it related to “Am I faster on them”, “Can I ride 112 miles strongly […]

Great weather

It’s amazing what a short stretch of nice weather will do for your mental state. We’ve had a couple nice days here in Milwaukee – nice enough to ride outside. So for the first time in over a month I was able to suit up and go for a ride outside. It wasn’t the fastest […]

This week – A OK

So far training this week has been A-OK. It’s a rest week for me, so I don’t do anything super long, but most of my other workouts are the same. Last night was beautiful, about 35 degrees (F), which for February in Wisconsin, is awesome. Did an 8 mile run in 59:18 – which is […]

55 days

55 days. That’s all that stands between me and Ironman Arizona. 3 weeks of hard training, a rest week, 2 weeks of taper/intensity, and then it’s race week. It’s coming fast, maybe a bit faster then I’m prepared for, but I’ll be ready. This past week was a pretty good week for training, I got […]


For some people fear is a demotivator, something that causes them to freeze up. For others pressure causes this same reaction, everyone is different. Personally, in some situation pressure causes me to freeze, while in others it doesn’t – same with fear; sometimes it’s my worst enemy other times I welcome it. Last year before […]

Thanks for reading

First off, thanks for reading my blog, I’m not totally sure how you got here, but thanks Well if you are here, you must know who I am and what I’m about – to some extent. Before I get to far into rambling I have to give some credit to Chris McDonald as his website […]