Lake Mills 2005

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Well the first Tri of the year is over. I was pretty plesed with it. Especially considering I woke up to thunder and lightning here in Milwaukee, and I spent the first 20 minutes of my day sitting at and watching the radar maps!

Anways, the race was very good:
Swim: 6:51 – 1st
T1: 0:59
Bike: 40:20 – 9th
T2: 0:41
Run: 19:41 – 9th(5k PR)
Overall: 1:08:29 10th OA – 4th AG

Swim: Started in the third wave. Was good, a tad on the lond side for 1/4 mile, but not a big deal. It was my first swim with a wetsuit, and happily I didn’t notice it hampering me or making me feel awkward at all. I did forget to put body glide on, but since the swim was so short I didn’t notice anything until the last 30 seconds of the swim.

T1: LONG Run from the water to the Transition area, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your point of view) the run was tacked onto the swim time.

Bike: Started off so-so, I forgot rubber bands to keep my shoes level, and i forgot to undo the velcro pre-race, so I lost a bit of time at the beginning. I really enjoyed this bike course, it was a huge change from what I ride at home (hilly), it made me glad for all those hours on the trainer this winter pushing a big gear. It took me a while to get my bike legs under me, so I didn’t really get a lot of speed going until after the turn around. Was happy, this was the first race where nobody passed me!!!

T2: Smooth transition.

Run: Awesome run course. Other then the little baby hill at the beginning, just flat speed. I just really, really enjoyed it. Again, first race where nobody passed me! Was amazed when the first mile was 6:12.

Overall: The breakfast burrito was great, although my wife ate most of it. Could have used more porta-potties. Looking at the results, the guys that beat me in my age group must have started in the elite wave. It’s kind of frustrating, the way I felt today, had I been in the same wave as the 3 faster guys from my age group, I think I could have mustered up enough to get at least one of them beat (at least enough for 3rd, I only needed 21 seconds)